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In December 2022 I was asked to work within the Sankuru Provincial Ministry of Health (Division Provencial de la Sante). This was a dream come true for me. This means that alongside my coworkers I am now officially responsible for all children in Sankuru. I am the only pediatrician in Sankuru.

  • I analyse data so that good decisions are made.

  • I train health workers.

  • I influence leaders.

  • I am given specially responsibilities such as improving the surveillance system which is critical to preventing death from Measles, Cholera, Monkey Pox, Polio and Tetanus.

  • I am an ambassador for the the Sankuru to seek donors that can help reduce child mortality.

  • And because of my skill set, I get pulled into non pediatric issues such as maternal mortality, and adult HIV and TB and leprosy

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