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Children of the Sankuru

  • About 15% die before the age of 5

  • Up to  50% suffer from malnutrition

  • Many never get to go to school and if they do there is poor education

  • Vaccination coverage is poor leading to thousands of deaths per year.

  • Parents when faced with a $50 bill to pay for hospitalization for their sick kid, can’t and children die.

  • Children who survive are often stunted in growth and developmental delayed.

  • Many mothers die in labor or after delivering

  • Children often miss childhood and start working at a young age.


A Few Basic Needs

  • Vaccines for measles, pneumonia, tetanus, polio

  • Bed nets to prevent malaria

  • Clean drinking water

  • Oral Re-hydration Solution for cholera or other diarrheal disease

  • Medication for malaria, pneumonia, sepsis

  • Improved maternal health so that kids are healthy

  • Food for children with malnutrition

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