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Dr. Law moved to Sankuru in 2022 to pursue his calling to work full-time for the children of Sankuru. He received his training from Johns Hopkins University, where he did medical school, a masters in public health, pediatric residency, and a masters in health informatics.


​Sankuru Province, located in Central DR Congo, is home to the Tetela people. Sankuru has 117,600 square kilometers of land (about the size of Ohio) and has 2.8 million residents. It is profoundly underdeveloped. It has no paved roads or airports. Most villages can be reached only by foot or motorcycles. Municipal water or electrical systems do not exist. Health and educational systems are poor.


​The Law family has been serving there since 1950 when Grandfather Burleigh responded to his call to serve there with the Methodist Church. His biggest accomplishment was to build the Wembo Nyama Hospital. In 1964, he was shot three times by Rebel soldiers, was taken to the Wembo Nyama hospital where he died, but not before he invited all to a pray with him for the Tetela people, his wife, his children and his unborn grandchildren. After forgiving the rebel soldier, all his children returned to serve in Sankuru. After more than 40 years of service, Dr. Law's father has passed now and is buried next to his father near the Wembo Nyama Hospital. Dr. Law's aunt (78 years old) and uncle (76 years old)are still there.


Since Dr. Law was a child, working alongside his mother in under 5 baby clinics, he felt a specific call to serve the children of Sankuru.​After a long and winding career, Dr. Law returned permanently in December 2022, to begin that work in earnest.


Dr. Law raises support through Appointment Congo which is a 501c3. It has a board of individuals that have strong ties to Sankuru. AMECO is the Congolese based non-profit organization that is partnered with Appointment Congo. 

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